Hello everyone, welcome to my homepage. Here you will find all the details about my work and other stuff.

My academic CV can be found here (pdf) and here (tex).

My research interests lie primarily in number theory, more specifically in analytic number theory and additive combinatorics. My finite Erdos Number is 5 (see here for details) and my Bacon number is also 5, that makes my Erdos-Bacon number 10.

Some of my papers, projects and preprints can be found here and some lecture notes can be found here.

I am sometimes invited to deliver some talks to mathematical Olympiad aspirants. Most of the material from those talks can be found here.

Most of my talks can be found here.

Along with Pankaj Jyoti Mahanta I created the website called Gonit Sora.

My LinkedIn profile and Google+ profile are some of the easiest ways to connect with me. Alternatively my email id is manjil[at]gonitsora[dot]com (replace the [at] by @ and the [dot] by .)!

I blog here on mathematical things, and here on non-mathematical things.

My mailing address is as follows

Manjil P. Saikia
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Tezpur University, Napaam
Sonitpur, Assam, Pin 784028, India

My cellphone number is +91 80119 02141.

Finally my geekcode can be found here and my GNU PG public key can be found here.

This website was last updated on 20 April, 2014.